About the conference

The 5th Conference on Overcoming Regional Disparities (CORD) brings together high-level decision-makers and professionals working on regional development, from the European Union, the Balkans, and the countries taking part in the Union’s Eastern Partnership. CORD is an event with a rich tradition. Following earlier meetings in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Moldova, in 2015, participants will, for the first time, meet in the South Caucasus, hosted by the Georgian Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure. The 2015 conference continues where CORD 2014 in Chisinau left off. Its focus will be “Making regional development real” – achieving a tangible impact where it matters most and where development needs to happen: in the regions, at local level.

CORD 2015 allows participants, for the first time, to take a closer look together at the South Caucasus region, opening up a whole new perspective for experts from IPA, EU and ENI countries alike to debate and develop new ideas for regional development. Come, be part of the debate, join the community, and enjoy the experience!

Registration deadline: August 28th